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During the campaign from February 24th until the 1st of March 2017 29 water samples were taken within the Imbrassos basin or related to the studies objectives. Samples of surface and groundwater were taken (Tab. watersamples). These samples are to be analyzed for stable isotopes and water chemistry (major ions, selected trace elements).

<table watersamples>

Tab. watersamples: Location and details of water samples
ID Location Type Latitude Longitude Elevation Geology Date Lab-Id.
WK001 Well Store Ground water 37.670817 26.887039 2 Alluvium 25.2.17 HYL-259
WK002 Well Altar Ground water 37.672184 26.886982 13 Alluvium 25.2.17 HYL-260
WK003 Well Dolphins Ground water 37.673075 26.886761 7 Alluvium 25.2.17 HYL-261
WK004 Well Entrance Ground water 37.673361 26.887933 9 Alluvium 25.2.17 HYL-262
WK005 Nerotrivias Ground water 37.693733 26.851813 98 Marble 25.2.17 HYL-263
WK006 Myloi Reservoir East Pipe Ground water 37.693754 26.852445 90 Marble/ Travertine 26.2.17 HYL-264
WK007 Myloi Reservoir East Surface Surface water 37.693754 26.852445 90 Marble/ Scree 26.2.17 HYL-265
WK008 Myloi Reservoir West Inflow Surface water 37.681407 26.841701 103 Mixed/ Scree 26.2.17 HYL-266
WK009 Myloi Reservoir West Outflow Surface water 37.681407 26.841701 103 Mixed/ Scree 26.2.17 HYL-267
WK010 Imbrasos creek Surface water 37.683052 26.840691 108 Mixed/ Scree 26.2.17 HYL-268
WK011 Agiades Outflow 1 Ground water 37.705785 26.924053 47 Mixed/ marls, travertine-like limestones 27.2.17 HYL-269
WK012 Agiades Outflow 2 Ground water 37.705785 26.924053 47 Mixed/ marls, travertine-like limestones 27.2.17 HYL-270
WK013 Mavratzei Metal Pipe Spring / Ground water 37.718696 26.863960 261 Schist 27.2.17 HYL-271
WK014 Mavratzei Stone Pipe Spring / Ground water 37.718696 26.863960 261 Schist 27.2.17 HYL-272
WK015 Rema Surface Surface water 37.719937 26.860115 205 Schist 27.2.17 HYL-273
WK016 Gionides Pumpstation Ground water 37.710784 26.853025 187 Marble 27.2.17 HYL-274
WK017 Pandrosos Spring Spring / Ground water 37.729618 26.831340 591 Schist 27.2.17 HYL-275
WK018 Karvouni Plane tree Spring water 37.743057 26.833586 982 Schist/ marble 27.2.17 HYL-276
WK019 Pagontas Spring Ground water 37.670383 26.831100 278 Marl 27.2.17 HYL-277
WK020 Pagondas Cistern Ground water 37.670383 26.831100 278 Marl 27.2.17 HYL-278
WK021 Glyphada South Lagoon (brackish) / Surface water 37.691260 26.926791 12 Alluvium 28.2.17 HYL-279
WK022 Glyphada North Lagoon (brackish) / Surface water 37.691188 26.928007 12 Alluvium 28.2.17 HYL-280
WK023 Mana Spring water 37.776750 26.870817 29 Marble / Travertine / Scree 28.2.17 HYL-281
WK024 Psyloi Ammos Lagoon (brackish) 37.706783 27.011967 0 Alluvium/ Marble 28.2.17 HYL-282
WK025 Psyloi Ammos Sea water (salty) 37.705883 27.004317 0 Alluvium/ Marble 28.2.17 HYL-283
WK026 Sakelari Tower Ground water 37.673583 26.873317 16 Alluvium 26.2.17 HYL-284
WK027 Krio Nero River River water 37.700583 26.820583 287 Mixed/ marls, travertine-like limestones 28.2.17 HYL-285
WK028 Krio Nero Schacht Spring water 37.700583 26.820583 287 Mixed/ marls, travertine-like limestones 28.2.17 HYL-286
WK029 Brunnen N-S-Str. Ground water 37.67306283 26.88626879 6 Alluvium 1.03.17 HYL-287


A map of sampling locations shows the distribution of samples (figure 1). Sampling locations have been determined with GPS (latitude and longitude). The color of markers indicates the water type: red (surface water), blue (groundwater from borehole), green (groundwater from spring or cistern).

<olmap id=“olMapSamples” width=“680px” height=“450px” lat=“37.666” lon=“26.883” zoom=“13” statusbar=“1” controls=“1” poihoverstyle=“0” baselyr=“terrain” gpxfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_gpx.gpx” kmlfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_kml.kml” geojsonfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_json.json” summary=“Sampling locations”> 37.67080,26.88700,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Store
Well in Store yard 37.67205,26.88602,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Altar
Ground water (bad smell) 37.67307,26.88673,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Dolphins
Well with logger installed 37.67336,26.88787,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Entrance
Well with logger installed 37.69373,26.85181,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Nerotrivias
Pumping station (running) 37.69214,26.85154,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Myloi Pipe
Pump for irrigation 37.69383,26.85239,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Myloi East
Surface Reservoir for storage 37.69383,26.85239,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Myloi West
Inflow to reservoir 37.69377,26.85244,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Myloi West
Outflow of reservoir 37.67900,26.86877,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Imbrasos
Creek (Surface water) 37.70627,26.92401,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Agiades
Outflow at spring below church (1) 37.70637,26.92411,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Agiades
Outflow at spring below church (2) 37.71487,26.86273,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Mavratzei
Metal pipe at public spring 37.71497,26.86283,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Mavratzei
Stone pipe at public spring 37.71994,26.86012,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Rema
Surface flow below Mavratzei 37.71078,26.85303,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Gionides
Pumping station for Pythagorion 37.72986,26.83150,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Pandrosos
Spring at Pandrosos (schist) 37.74306,26.83359,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Karvouni
Platane tree with spring 37.67038,26.83110,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Pagontas
Spring at public fountain 37.67048,26.83120,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Pagontas
Cistern at public fountain 37.69129,26.92679,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Glyphada
Southern lagoon (outflow) 37.69130,26.92763,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Glyphada
North lagoon (inflow) 37.77710,26.87068,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Mana
Spring, karstic in travertine 37.70697,27.01182,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Psyloi Ammos
Lagoon with brackish water 37.70577,27.00443,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Psyloi Ammos
Sea water at beach 37.67358,26.87332,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,Sakelari Tower
Ground-water well for irrigation 37.69296,26.82295,-90,.8,marker-red.png,Krio Nero
River water taken from stream 37.69286,26.82285,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Krio Nero
Spring water from casing 37.67306,26.88627,-90,.8,marker-blue.png,North-South-Street
Well at Heraion </olmap>

Fig. 1: Sampling locations during reconnaissance campaign

lat:37.66666,lon:26.8351, alt:5 , placename:Heraion , country:Greece , region:Samos

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