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A map of locations where water level loggers have been installed in rivers (figure 1).

<olmap id=“olMapTrolls” width=“680px” height=“450px” lat=“37.666” lon=“26.883” zoom=“16” statusbar=“1” controls=“1” poihoverstyle=“0” baselyr=“terrain” gpxfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_gpx.gpx” kmlfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_kml.kml” geojsonfile=“:en:projects:samos:reporting:samples:samples_json.json” summary=“Logger sites” > 37.66662,26.88354,-90,.8,marker-red.png, Imbrasos river
datalogger installed at bridge 37.67900,26.86877,-90,.8,marker-red.png, Imbrasos river at Myloi
Installed at bridge
Logger 37.67993,26.86745,-90,.8,marker-red.png, Northern tributary Rema
Installed at tree root
Logger 37.683080,26.840639,-90,.8,marker-red.png, Imbrassos west of Myloi
Installed at tree root
Logger 37.67336,26.88787,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, Well at Entrance
installed in well 37.67080,26.88696,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, Well at store (shallow well)
installed in well 37.67307,26.88673,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, Well at villa with Dolphins mosaic (narrow well)
installed in well 37.67273,26.88669,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, “Omega” well
installed in well 37.67289,26.88629,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, Well with stairs (Stufenbrunnen)
installed in well 37.684148,26.887823,-90,.8,marker-blue.png, Well on Iraion - Pythagoreion rd (2 columns)
installed in well </olmap>

Fig. 1: Locations for water level monitoring

Data collected via water level loggers (pressure, water level, temperature) get uploaded at

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