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In spring 2017 between February 24th and March 1st a reconnaissance field campaign has been carried out. The work has been done by staff of DAI and staff of FHL jointly. Prof. Dr. Christoph Külls, Prof. Dr. Henning Fahlbusch, Anna Androvitsanea and Johanna Fuchs have participated in the joint field campaign.

The objectives of the field campaign were:

  • to identify, visit and describe all major geological units within the Imbrassos basin
  • to take water samples of surface and groundwater in order to link water resources at the Heraion to its possible sources
  • to study the hydrology of the basin, visit all major rivers
  • to study the hydrogeology of the basin by visiting and taking water samples of major springs and at groundwater boreholes
  • to investigate and document soil formations related to geological units in the basin
  • to investigate and document major land-use classes in the basin
  • to install hydrometric sensors for water level in boreholes at the Heraion and major river stations

The field campaign has been prepared thoroughly by Anna Androvitsanea and Johanna Fuchs. Maps and data have been prepared as far as possible. A field trip book containing geological, topographic and sub-basin maps has been prepared to facilitate field work.

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