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Redox zones in groundwater flow systems


Redox conditions change from oxidized to reduced along the flow path. As a result regional aquifers develop a zoning of redox conditions. The objective of this thesis is to define these zones, to characterize these zones in terms of chemical and physical conditions and to try and regionalize these zones for an aquifer near Lübeck. The impact of pumping on these zones and their possible shifts and the processes occurring in transition and intermeditate zones are to be described. The software 'Geochemical Workbench' can be used for this project.

The project will be implemented using the software Geochemist's Workbench


Task log

22.02.2017 Vincent - 5 documents found about redox zones, 2 uploaded. 1 possible software for 3D modeling (RT3D) found.
08.03.2017 Vincent - Lists of modeling software found.

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